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[20 Apr 2005|08:16pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

We are giving a 100 dollar reward for the return of my purse with everything in it! so please even if you do it annonymously there will be an award! 100 bucks guys! come i really want it my camera had very sentimental pictures on there.

but 100 bucks and its yours if everything is still in there....

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[05 Apr 2005|08:27pm]
yeah today wasnt all that bad acutally.....3rd period we got some laughs in...4th period just sucked cuz he had an effing test. then lunch...me n mandee were goin to her bros truck and when we go with him we have to effing run! so we were running through the parking lot and Justin felt bad for us hahah so he was like just come with us nukkas! so pos we just went with him and zac and ingo again..it was pretty kool though. they be crazy! we be be lovin' it! hehe

then uhh 5th period wasnt sooooo sooo bad and then uhhh 6th period just sucked lol 7th period..now that was fun lol jk not really we had jump training and it was my first day back form being injured...man oh man my ankle hurts like a mother now!! i just shouldnt have worked out soo much! after school we had open gym..hec yes! it was fun !!! i was on mandee, silla, marco, and bianca's team.....then later natalie came on our team...man it was hilarious cuz it would've been the 4th hit anyways and nat and marcos both wen for the ball and marco jumped real high and like trompled over natalie....it was hilarious they fell and he landed on her and it was just the funniest thing of my whole life...haha all the guys that were playin on the other teams were hilarious too...jeff looked funny playin volleyball....it was just too much fun...i think all that fun was worth my ankle hurting more than life right now! lol

..................and then i came home.....freking boooo doggy!!! lol

im out! later days!!!

AND I THINK IM JUST GONA USE ever___so_sweet form now on.....but not right away! so add me me and comment and all that good stuff so your on my friends list!!!
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[05 Apr 2005|07:03pm]
yeah today was kool! me and mandee ended up going to lunc hw ti Justin again! flippin Zac and Ingo are hilarious! i luv those guys! but not as much as jusTAn heheh!

well uhhhh im outies for now ! gota work on spanglish homework!!! hasta pastas!!!
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[04 Apr 2005|07:18pm]
new el jay name.....im still gona use this one but my new one is friends only! so yeah you gota comment to be added! and im not gona add everyone...so sorry!


hasta pastas!!
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[03 Apr 2005|07:49pm]

*the more the light shines through me i pretend to close my eyes the more the dark consumes me i pretend im running bright.
theres nothing ever  wrong but nothings ever right, such a cruel contridiction.*

yeah i do not know why i felt like puttin those lyrics...but i did...


  • family came over today...well aaron and his fam and korri and hers...then mandy did too. it was kool
  • tried to do mandy's el jay all purdy but it wouldnt work......
  • somethin's wrong again.....i do not know what!!

    im gona make a friends only el jay soon...i found the banner i want too...its Ashlee Simpson and it says It's just a break down...it happens all the time...FRIENDS ONLY!
    its cute.

    later gaters.
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[03 Apr 2005|02:41pm]
woo i feel special cuz i did my el jay all by myself!! and its awsome though cuz my icon is from that song too!!!!!! hehe

well im off my family is here n stuff soo later!!

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[02 Apr 2005|03:04pm]
fucking hate her!
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[02 Apr 2005|12:04am]
I love you justin!!!

and im sorry it took me so long to say thank you! even though you knew it all along...THANK YOU! you'll never know!! and i only wish i could explain it...and i wish i could pay you back! but you know i love you!! and like you said that situation will forever keep us close...closer than ever!! cuz your the only one that truely understood! *mwah*

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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[30 Mar 2005|06:35pm]
[ mood | crazy ]


*Full Name:
*Eye Color:
*Favorite Color:
*Lucky Number:


*Eye Color:
*Favorite Color:
*Lucky Number:


*My Clothes:
*My Hair Style:
*My Hair Color:
*My Personality:
*My Shoes:
*My Eyes:
*My Face:
*The Music i listen to:
*My Family:
*My Friends:


*Is my best friend:
*Should be my best friend:
*I should be "with" right now:
*I have the "hawts" for:
*Is my favorite family member:
*I hate most right now:


*I kissed a hobo:
*I kissed you:
*I said EFF YOU!:
*I died in a fatal car accident:
*I was being abused and only you knew:
*I punched you:
*I told you i love you:
*I killed someone:
*I had stinky breathe:
*I kissed your ex:
*I went out with your ex:
*I got married tomorrow:
*I came to your house drunk:

EX:My left shoe:9

*My eyes:
*My mom:
*My uh hands:
*My room:
*The Killers:
*My Middle name (Renee):
*Country Music:
*My Hugs!:
*My kisses!:
*The color Green!:
*Care Bears:
*Jack Johnson:

Yeah I got bored so i made this thingy! hehe..you guys gota do it!!




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[29 Mar 2005|10:23pm]
T is for Terrific
R is for Refreshing
A is for Artistic
C is for Chic
I is for Inspirational
R is for Refined
E is for Enjoyable
N is for Neglected
E is for Energetic
E is for Earthy

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[29 Mar 2005|07:36pm]

Im posting pictures im posting pictures im posting pictures!!!

i think you get the point right?!?!?! hee hee



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[29 Mar 2005|07:23pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Bright Eyes.....you know what that means....


i dont think it gets any more depressing than Bright Eyes.... booooooo but its okay cuz i love Bright Eyes

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love, angel, music, baby [28 Mar 2005|07:54pm]
» I died:
» I said I liked you:
» I kissed you:
» I lived next door to you:
» I started smoking:
» I stole something:
» I was hospitalized:
» I ran away from home:
» I got into a fight and you weren't there:

» Personality:
» Eyes:
» Face:
» Hair:
» Clothes:
» Mannerisms:
» Family:

» Be my friend?:
» Lie to make me feel better?:
» Spread rumors about me?:
» Keep a secret if I told you one?:
» Loan me some cash?:
» Hold my hand?:
» Take a bullet for me?:
» Keep in touch?:
» Try and solve my problems?:
» Love me?:
» Date me?:
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[27 Mar 2005|08:15pm]

Here's a pic for the road lol im goin to melissa's tonight and i dont know if im gona be able to post my pix....so ill leave you with one for the road..hehe


 Hawtness right thurr...lol j.k!

later days guys!!! ♥ traysee

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[27 Mar 2005|12:54pm]


Happy EasterCollapse )

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theres another world inside of me that you will never know [27 Mar 2005|11:48am]
[ mood | angry ]

so i had the longest entry of my freking life written last night but when i go to post it, my computer decides to have an "internal problem" and so it never posted...it took me like 45 minutes to write that post too! but whatever im gona write the important parts its still gona take forever but here it goes.

okay so my brother...when he got up to ruidoso me and melissa were just freaking hyper right and we've been saying pos this and pos that guey and all that whatever thats just us..and like 15 minutes after he's been there he gets annoyed by it and all him and my mom do is freking mock us and we're like you wish you could be as hawt as us just messing round with them tryin to be funny ya know and they just get all reeaaaarrrr so we were like galllleee so we went and took a million and 4 picutes..whatever then well garrett and joe were rock climbing all day and they were like well when we get done we'll call you and we're gona do something or whatever and so we ended up calling them at mmmm like 8:30ish and they were being pinchie pocket holders!! and so they didnt come and we were all pissed at them cuz they were rude about it...well joe was...so we deicded that we're never talking to them anymore. and then well i decided to get hawt lol so i have these lime green pants (theyre ugly though lol) and then my beloved Invader ZIM boxers and i put my boxers over the pants and then melissas purse looks like it could be a beanie so i emtied it and put it one and i swear i looked like a space cadet lol ill have to post that picture no matter how embarresing it is lol. okay and then its like 11:30 now and my dad. jimmy (brother in law), and candice (sister in law) get up there and go figure they are all gona have a few drinks...no problem right well at least we thought so. then me and melissa went out to say hi and stuff and we're in our space cadet outfits with our p.i.m.p. shades on and we're just talkin to them and then i decided to tell my daddy a story that had happened on thursday it was funny and im hyper and im loud and then jimmy and aaron are like we're right here you dont gota yell and then aaron goes and i have to children sleeping in the next room and so i was like whatever its kool so i quieted down while telling my story and then me and melissa pumped our banana song and ran around the balcony singing and dancing making fools of our selves cuz thats what we do when we're together hehe and then whatever we were chillin in my room and i was lookin at all the pictures and videos we had made throughout the day and then its liek 1:30ish and i fell asleep...then at like 2:30 i woke up and my mom is tipsy and she was walkin into my room tellin melissa she needs to go to sleep n stuf fand i was liek wtf you go to sleep beeeatch! but she thought i was asleep so i pretended to be asleep lol. then i woke up and aaron and my dad are talking about people at work freking cussing like nobody's business. aaron was like yeah so and so is a "fucking jackass" and like every other word either one of them said was eff this and eff him and eff freking everyone!and then you could hear jimmy candice and my mom talking too so  i was like GAWSH so i open my door and im like YOU GUYS ARE YELLING! and candice has the effing nerve to tell me "well thats what you were doing about an hour ago" and i like whatever so i slammed my door shut and then im thinkin wtf that was 2 hours ago okay! lol and was i drunk...no...were you trying to effing sleep....no...so shut the fuck up candice ugh she pissed me and melissa off soooooooo incredibly bad. so then like 20 minuts later we were all cold so i went to turn on the heater and my dad was like where are you going n stuff and then aaron almost slapped me in the face cuz he was talking with his arms ya know and drunk and yeah and then im walking back to my room and jimmy you can tell hes drunk he goes i like your outfit trace..i looked at him like wtf dude so i went into my room i was like uuuugggghhhh so i layed down and tried to sleep and i couldnt and i was like crying  cuz they made me soooo mad and so im laying there listening to them all still yelling about people and then my mom starts talking shit about jenny....how fucking stupid to her HUSBAND! and like when i was mmmm id say bout 5 jenny tried to smother me with a pillow and it always pissed me off but now im like dude im over it and my mom is telling jimmy all this and how jenny hated me and her and korri or whatever and she starts talking about stupid stuff and aaron is yelling mom your embarresing me i was like you have noooooooooooo room to talk you all are embarressing me..i mean yeah melissa is family and like my best friend but that is still embarressing and jimmy barely came into our family and i just think that is sooo embarressing. so okay i finally got myself to sleep at like 4:30 and they stayed up till like 6. and the next morning i didnt wake up til like 10:30 ish and they're still there cuz aaron and jimmy were supposed to go boarding but whatever. i go downstairs and melissa was still asleep so aaron and my dad and my mom were tryin to talk to me and they were like did we keep you up last night i was like YES! and then my dad was like well i didnt i went to sleep i was like dad at like 3! and they were like blah whatever so i went to watch tv and melissa came down and we were watching blue crush and then my dad was asking what we wanted for breakfast and i was like umm i guess pancakes and i spose he didnt hear me and so like 5 minutes later hes all i need to know and so i turned to him i was liek i stinkin told you and i had to raise my voice cuz the tv was on and aaron was like dont talk to him like that! and he like yelled at me and then he came and hit me harder than life of mr butt (yeah it sounds funny or whatever but he hit me really really really hard) and he tried to tickle me i was like hitting him to stop and he was like dont ever talk to him like that and i was like hitting him and i was liek you asshole get off!!!!!! and iwas pissed and he walked off and my mom was like waht? and he goes im an asshole now! and then my dad was asking me something i couldnt really hear him and aaron comes right in my face and hes like hes fucking talking to you traci! i was like crying from him hitting me and yelling at me from before and i couldnt breathe...it was one of those hard cries..it hurt like hell....then they left i was like gawsh i hope he breaks his leg or something..and i didnt feel bad about thinking it either i just hated him then.....so after they got home me and melissa were in the kitchen makin a dang quesadilla and him and jimmy came in and jimmy was just talkin to us all kool and then aaron comes and hes like are you done being mad im like nope and i turned around to put somethin in the microwave and then he goes gosh traci i was liek well aaron if you werent and i was liek ugh nevermind okay and he goes what tell me im like no just leave me alone!!!! and goes gosh traci get over youself i just said hi to you this mornign get over youself and i was liek fuck you dude i didnt say that but i just threw away my trash and fucking walked up stairs then my mom comes up and shes like whats going on with you and aaron i was like im tired of him drinking in front of me! and she goes he doesnt do it that often iw as like i dont care i hate when you all drink in front of me! and i was cryin so i jsut ran into the bathroom that was right there and i stayed in there for like 20 minutes jsut crying thinking about how big of a freaking woose (sp??) i am...but whatever i didnt care so that lock on that door doesnt work and i forgot and then aaron was comming in and i walked out and usually when im crying or he knows im mad he'll sit me down and talk to me and shit he just let me walk by cryin,...i was like you mother effer! but whatever i went and cleaned up in my room and those quesadillas we made were NAYUSTY lol whatever...so we didnt talk at all cuz im freking still mad at him...but then we were on the road and he was calling so i made melissa answer the phone and uhh well we sound the same on the phone so he thought he was me and he goes tell my mom were home safe..then he hung up i was liek wtf mate..whatever....so then okay candice had made two pies and they were on the floor of the truck and my cousin grant was sittin in the front seat after we picked him up in alamogordo and he wanted to get his movie out of the back so we could watch it and he picked one of the pies up and handed it to me and he didnt think he would hit the other one so he left it and he ended up like uhh toeing it lol he didnt step in it but he toe did...it made a big ole' dent and my mom was all pissed and she goes let me see the pie and we showed it to her and shes goes real nice girls real nice ou coudlnt even pick it up! i was like oh my gosh oh my gosh! and she goes oh my gosh is right i was liek wahtever mom ..i swear i just wanted to jump out of the car right there and walk home i was liek so mad at her fro blaming us i mean grant afterall is the one that did it! i mean she didnt tell him one word she just bitched at me and melissa! so whatever i was all mad at her and then when we got home i wasnt talking to her and when i would it would be to ask where something was. she was jsut being a bitch. now today shes stil bitchy like okay i tried on these shoes and they didnt really match so i went to ask my mom if they looked alright and he goes well its up to you i was like well im asking you what you think and she goes you wouldnt not wear them even i told you to..or something like that i was like what the hec is her problem and she was just all bitchy today too and she got out of the car for something and my dad was like shes been in a bad mood for like 2 weeks now. and yeah she has.so im out cuz ive expressed all...well most of my anger in here..so when i upload my pix that will be a happy post! later days! happy hunny days guys!!

♥ traysee

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[26 Mar 2005|09:42am]
[ mood | freaking pissed!! ]

freaking drunks....cant stand them!!!!

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freaking NO! [25 Mar 2005|08:11pm]
[ mood | angry ]

freaking grr doggy! garrett and joe suck our freaking balls all freaking night long! gawsh!

me y tad are not talking to them ever again! we just dont like them at all right now!!!

pos goodbye fookers!

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bubble pop electric, youve gota get IT [25 Mar 2005|02:40pm]
[ mood | AND HYPER! ]






POS yeah Lili and Tad are updating! pos EEYEEAAAUUUHH! and WE AINT NO HOLLABACK GIRLS!

today is gona be HAWT HAWT HAWT eeee hawtness is going to burn me!!

This poop is Melissa M-E-L-I-S-S-A!!!!



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[22 Mar 2005|09:37pm]
im so not depressed!


im not depressed at all ...tonight! i love tonight and i love FRIDAY! and i love ruidoso and i love tejkhm and i just love life!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT !!!!!!! MAWH! it deserves kisses!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!
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